Do you think you have what it takes to become a Vetrepreneur? Are you ready to join a movement that will help you launch your new venture? If you are tired of dreaming about financial independence and ready to take action, our intensive 16-week Startup Veterans program will help get you on the path to startup success!

As a Veteran, you have the core skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur.  But building a new business is not easy. . . Startup Veterans is here to help prepare you with the additional skills, mindset, resources, and support network to help you meet your next challenge!

Our 16-week program is just the beginning when it comes to launching your new venture.  The goal will be to help you validate your business idea or fail fast, so that you do not waste valuable time and money on an idea that will not succeed.  Once we help you determine the feasibility of your idea, our experienced instructors and mentors will teach you the specific hard skills you need to launch and grow your new business.

When you make the decision to change your life and join Startup Veterans, you will be joining a group of fellow qualified veterans who are exploring entrepreneurship as a career path just like you.  Our proven formula and comprehensive curriculum blends online instruction, offline exercises, one-on-one mentorship, group work, peer-to-peer learning, and action.  Key focus areas include:

Course Summary

Step 1 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Goal: Develop guidelines to be used to evaluate your business idea during the program.

Step 2 - Communicating the Business Concept

Goal: Learn how to communicate your business concept.

Step 3 - Gathering Information for Feasibility

Goal: Collect information needed to perform the business feasibility study.

Step 4 - Products and Services

Goal: Gain a deeper understanding of your products/services through the customers eyes.

Step 5 - Market Analysis: Industry and Competition

Goal: Explore the business through the feasibility planning process of looking at your industry and competitors.

Step 6 - Market Analysis: Market Segments and Strategies

Goal: Explore the business through the feasibility planning process of looking at your market segments, target markets and customer profiles.

Step 7 - Price and Profitability: Costs and Break-Even

Goal: Explore the business through the feasibility planning process of looking at your pricing strategies.

Step 8 - Price and Profitability: Cost of Business and Profit

Goal: Understand the difference between profit and cash.

Step 9 - Price and Profitability: Cash Flow and Projecting Sales

Goal: Gain a deeper understanding of cash flow and how to use the Cash Flow Report.

Step 10 - Plan for Further Action: Cash Flow

Goal: Learn to use the Cash Flow Report to determine financial feasibility.

Step 11 - Plan for Further Action: Final Reality Check and Plan

Goal: Learn where you can obtain the money you need to start your business.

Step 12 - Feasibility Plan

Goal: Complete the feasibility plan.

Course Format

The class will consist of a series of interactive online modules to walk vetrepreneurs through developing a Feasibility Plan, step-by-step.  Assignments are provided to apply and reinforce the learning and then are reviewed and returned with feedback by our course Facilitators. In addition to communicating via our private Facebook page, veterpreneurs will also have the opportunity to engage with their peers and professionals by attending weekly live streaming discussions on topics such as Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Access to Capital, Legal and much more.


Start our application process here and begin your entrepreneurial journey!

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