Mentor – Derek Distenfield

Derek Distenfield


Derek Distenfield is CEO and Co-founder of NextGenJustice, an entrepreneur, and a US Army veteran.

After witnessing soldiers struggle with simple legal matters, Mr. Distenfield started NextGenJustice in March of 2014.

NextGenJustice seeks to provide another key to the courthouse by offering legal solutions without lawyers. They use a “click and mortar” approach incorporating smart technology and retail stores, removing the mystery and providing the ammunition consumers need to represent themselves. Focusing on four main areas, NextGenJustice assists with family, business, and estate solutions as well tax preparation services.

NextGenJustice has opened 4 retail locations in just 18 months with several locations in the works.

Derek lives with his wife Lisa and enjoys spending time with his new son Duke. His eight-year Army career included three deployments and a Bronze Star.