The Startup Veterans program is designed to provide Veterans with the education, resources, strategies and confidence needed to determine the feasibility of a new idea, launch a new company and successfully grow a business.

For many aspiring Vetrepreneurs starting a business in today’s challenging economic climate can seem daunting.  The truth is that with the right training and support, new opportunities abound for those who are willing to take a risk and pursue their dreams.  For those who are ready to accept the challenge, Startup Veterans can help provide you with everything you need to launch and grow your new venture.

Are you ready to join us and launch your business?

In Startup Veterans 16 week program, Vetrepreneurs learn through ``hands-on training`` and launch a company through structured courses, practical business-building assignments, and expert feedback from a large network of business mentors.

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Develop Your Business Idea From Concept To Execution

Our intensive 16-week entrepreneurial training and development program will prepare you to launch and grow your new business.  During the program, you will be taught how to make important business decisions that will allow you to move through the essential steps you have to take to address and determine the feasibility of your business concept.

The Startup Veterans Training Program is guided by successful Vetrepreneurs and will provide you with the tools, strategies and expertise needed to assess your business idea, identify the potential opportunities and help you develop a launch plan.

A Proven Formula

The Startup Veterans course curriculum is designed to help entrepreneurs refine their business ideas in order to help determine the initial feasibility and long-term sustainability of their concepts.  The program combines instruction from experienced Vetrepreneurs, one-on-one business mentoring, peer-to-peer learning and the resources needed to help aspiring entrepreneurs produce all the elements of an effective business plan.  This proven formula helps to set entrepreneurs on a path to building wealth and independence by providing knowledge and helping to create the mindset that entrepreneurial leaders need to succeed.

Dynamic Online Learning Environment

The Startup Veterans course is taught over a 16-week period utilizing online instruction along with offline practical exercises designed to provoke business learning and thought.   The course is facilitated by certified Vetrepreneurs and guest instructors who are experts in their fields.  Students gain an overall better appreciation for themselves and what it takes to become an entrepreneur.  Through lectures, case studies and in-depth discussions, the program provides a wealth of information designed to introduce you to the concepts needed to develop a clear understanding of how to launch and grow a business from initial conception through execution.

Results-Based Learning

The Startup Veterans program combines online instruction, peer-to-peer learning and small group collaboration.  The overall focus of the program will allow you to assess your idea, test its feasibility, and prepare you to execute the model.  You will work individually and in small groups to prepare and deliver presentations of your business ideas.  Throughout the program, you will receive expert advice from instructors and facilitators about potential risks and barriers to entry for your model.

Ongoing Collaboration

Because the Startup Veterans program is designed for veterans seeking to become entrepreneurs, students will find themselves surrounded by other like-minded veterans from around the country.  The learning environment creates unique opportunities to share ideas and collaborate.  Though group learning and various exercises, students gain new business insights from their peers as well as instructors and facilitators.

Program Costs

Startup Veterans works to keep costs as low as possible.  Our goal is to continue to get sponsors to cover costs for our students.  We also have several payment programs in order to work with students who are accepted into the program.

If you decide to apply and are accepted the program requires a $1800 USD Course Fee to cover administration fees, instructor costs, and other expenses of running a 16 week program.

Unlike many entrepreneurial programs, we do not take equity or require any additional costs to be part of our network.


In addition, participants will receive expert training and feedback from an impressive list of mentors:

  • Hal Fischer: Founder,Startup Veterans; Former CEO, Military Stars (Acquired); Former Founder/CMO, PrepChamps.  Air Force NCO
  • Dean Bundschu: Founder, Startup Veterans; Former Founder/CEO, PrepChamps ($2.5M raised).  Army Officer
  • Jay Kerr: Founder, Startup Veterans; CEO, K2 Solutions; Founder, High Tor Group; Former Founder/COO, PrepChamps.  Air Force Officer
  • Aaron Houghton: CEO, BoostSuite; Former Co-founder, iContact (Acquired by Vocus $169M).
  • Adrienne Richardson: CEO, ARE; Former CEO, South Jersey Mom (Acquired).  Air Force NCO
  • Anthony Pompliano: Executive, Facebook; Former Founder/CEO, DigiForce (Acquired by Strategic Link Partners).  Army NCO
  • David Gilroy: Founder/Managing Partner, Scale Finance; 18 experience as VC, corporate M&A, investment banking.  Army Officer
  • Joshua Robertson: COO, Smashing Boxes; VP, VaporPulse Technologies.  Naval Officer
  • Pierre Cook: Founder/CEO, PLMC Inc.; Board of Directors at News International, Royal Mail, M-Box, Unipart and British Telecom.  Air Force NCO
  • Alexander Hildenbrant: Founder/CEO, Stoneworks Franchising.  Army NCO
  • David Jones: Co-founder, Bull City Ventures; Managing Partner, Southern Capitol Ventures.  Naval Officer
  • Joseph Sroka: Founder/CEO, NovaPoint.  Army Officer
  • Brandon Shelton: Founder/CEO, T2 Growth Advisors.  Army Officer
  • And Many More Experienced CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Vetrepreneurs Will:

    • Gain a better understanding of themselves
    • Learn key business roles & responsibilities
    • Discuss team building
    • Develop key assessment & feasibility methods
    • Assess product or service for market fit
    • Learn how to brand build
    • Understand cash flow management
    • Learn how to allocate resources
    • Position company to gain a competitive advantage

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