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And Launch Your Career As A Vetrepreneur

Become a Vetrepreneur

Our goal is to inspire and help veterans launch startups and new businesses. Our program provides the focus for veterans to become entrepreneurs and business owners. With the proper training, resources and network, we believe veterans will be the catalyst for renewed economic growth.

Course Overview

Our intensive 16-week entrepreneurial training and development program will prepare you to launch and grow your new business.  During the program, you will be taught how to make important business decisions that will allow you to move through the essential steps you have to take to address and determine the feasibility of your business concept.



When you make the decision to change your life and join Startup Veterans, you will be joining a group of fellow qualified veterans who are exploring entrepreneurship as a career path just like you.  Our proven formula and comprehensive curriculum blends online instruction, offline exercises, one-on-one mentorship, group work, peer-to-peer learning, and action.

How To Qualify

As a veteran, you possess some of the most important skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur – leadership, risk management, initiative, and adaptability, to name a few.  That said, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.  There are many additional traits we look for during our application process; however, the one trait we emphasize is the ability to be decisive.  You have to know you want to build your own business, and when you apply, you need to be ready to join our program.  Bottom line, we still may not feel you are ready for our program for any number of reasons, but if you want to be an entrepreneur you need to be prepared to make the commitment it takes to succeed.


Application and Admissions

We only have a limited amount of slots per class, so we ask that you take the time to completely and thoughtfully fill out our application.  We need to understand why you feel that you are a good fit for our program and why you believe the business you want to start will succeed. After we review your application and feel that you are a potential fit, we conduct a thorough phone interview to provide you with a better understanding of the program and validate your potential and commitment.  Our hope is that no matter if you are selected or not, through our process you will still have learned more about yourself and what it will take to start a successful business.