Become Part of The Veteran Entrepreneur Network

And Join Other Veterans That Can Help You Reach Your Business Goals


When you join Startup Veterans, you become part of our Veteran Entrepreneur Network (VEN). VEN is an exclusive group of Vetrepreneurs who believe in collaboration and helping each other out. Running a startup can be a solitary challenge and becoming part of our network will provide the additional accountability and teamwork you need to succeed.

Veteran Education Benefits

Harness the knowledge of online and offline programs, training seminars, and workshops taught by veteran entrepreneurs. We provide you with the experience-based knowledge, skills, and motivation for entrepreneurship success.

Veteran Entrepreneur Mentorship

You will get access to a network of Veteran Entrepreneurs, a.k.a. Vetrepreneurs, mentors, and our team, who will provide you with guidance when you need it most. We have built startups before and we will make sure you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Veteran Entrepreneur Community

Starting a veteran owned business is a unique challenge. Working with other similarly-focused veteran entrepreneurs is a force multiplier. Our veteran community members continually share strategies and tips to help the entire group succeed.

Hands-on Support

You will be part of our veteran entrepreneur network for a full year (and hopefully a lifetime). During that time, we’ll work together on your business, strategy, and growth, all the while providing guidance and resources you’d have to cultivate on your own elsewhere.


We are continually expanding our network of veteran entrepreneurs. Startup Vetrepreneurs have the opportunity to build relationships and partnerships across the country – from your specific niche to complementary services – that would not be possible with any other organization.


Opportunities exist to help fellow veteran entrepreneurs, who will in turn will help you – much like a veterans benefits network. Through our process of veterans helping veterans with cross promotion and marketing your respective products and services, you reduce your network and asset development time.

Startup Tool Kit

Additional training, tips, and tools to help you launch and monetize your veteran owned business, including, how to create a website, utilize social media, basic SEO, marketing, sales training, and much more.

Training Library

Bonus courses, contract templates, presentation templates, business plans, marketing collateral, and other materials to make your life easier. We continually add to this veteran entrepreneur library.

Interviews With Experts

We interview other veteran entrepreneur subject matter experts on important topics. Learn business techniques, how to successfully launch products, build affiliate networks, create sales funnels, and more.