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Launch Your Career as a Vetrepreneur

Startup Veterans is more than just a class . . . We are an entire network of veteran entrepreneurs who have created a community to help veterans build successful companies.


Online and offline programs, training and workshops taught by veteran entrepreneurs to give you the knowledge, skills and motivation for entrepreneurial success.


Peer-to-Peer learning from other successful veteran entrepreneurs to provide you with the guidance, support and connections for your entrepreneurial journey.


Build business relationships and connections with a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, investors, corporate partners, professional service providers and many others.

A Proven Formula

Our course curriculum was developed to help entrepreneurs create, launch and grow their business.  Our program is facilitated by successful veteran entrepreneurs who will provide you with practical, hands-on training designed to help you test the feasibility of your business ideas and plan to launch new ventures.

Startup Veterans Program

For each class, we recruit and train a new group of aspiring veteran entrepreneurs. After being selected and trained for 8 weeks, you will have the foundation in place to launch your new business idea. From there you will continue to have the support of our Veteran Entrepreneur Network (VEN), an entire community of your peers, successful entrepreneurs, investors, corporate partners and service providers who will help you grow your business.


Startup Veterans Training

Comprehensive business program taught by experienced entrepreneurs, designed to test the feasibility of new business ventures.


Become Part of VEN Community

Our Veteran Entrepreneur Network combines one-on-one business mentoring, peer learning and resources to help entrepreneurs  succeed.


Launch Your Company

Launch and grow your business with the continued support from facilitators, your peers, advisors, investors and service providers.


Join our network as a Vetrepreneur, Mentor, Facilitator or Partner

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